Jewels by Olga S.L. will accept the following payment methods:
1. Payment by card: Visa and Mastercard
2. Payment by PayPal:
3. Wire transfer in Euros to:

BANK: 0182
OF: 2573
CTA: 51
CUENTA: 0201558679


IBAN: ES34-0182-2573-5102-0155-8679

(We recommend SEPA transfers between European Union banks)

Wire transfer or bank deposit:
Customers must perform the transfer only into the account of which they will be duly informed. Upon completion of the order process, the Customer will receive an automated mail detailing the bank account into which the deposit should be made. IMPORTANT: The reference indicated upon conclusion of the order process should be given as the transfer reference.
IMPORTANT: For payments by wire transfer, products will not be reserved until the deposit has been received.

The Virtual PoS is a device equipped to operate in an entirely secure manner within the context of Internet sales operations, and functions as follows:

1. It will attempt to contact the card-issuing bank to request authentication of the holder (identity verification), before presenting the corresponding authorisation request. This guarantees that only the genuine cardholder can use the card.

2. It employs SSL in all communications, preventing information from being intercepted by third parties. Confidentiality is thus guaranteed in all communications established during the transaction.

3. Mechanisms are also in place to confirm the authenticity of the origin of the transactions, thereby preventing data from being manipulated by third parties.This serves to guarantee the integrity of the transactional data.

4. The card data are not disclosed to Jewels by Olga S.L., thereby preventing this information from subsequently being fraudulently used by third parties. (The best way to safeguard sensitive customer information in commercial dealings is

NOT to have access to it.) This information is appropriately stored by the Virtual PoS, which will in turn provide it to the payment system where necessary (for example, for a return).

PayPal: Customers may pay swiftly and securely using their PayPal account or credit or debit card. PayPal automatically encodes confidential data, assisted by the best technology available on the market.

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