Who is JbyO?

JbyO is a project, a dream, a way to see life.

It all started 17 years ago. Throughout these years, I have travelled the world extensively and enriched myself in every
country visited.

Every journey has touched me, whether it be flavours, colours, cultures or sensations, all of which are impossible to forget. These experiences have shaped me in both person and culture and I now project these in to a new phase of my life.

There is no better way to express all of this and share it with you than via the world of Fashion and Accessories.

Why Jewels?

Because every single Jewel is "unique" and my concept is simple "exclusivity".

Why Olga?

This is my name and I would like to introduce myself as your personal Shopping Adviser.
I truly hope that you enjoy my Website as much as I do as I share my dream with you.

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